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Airsoft is a military game that is based on the real environment and real copies of firearms. We use the automatic type of airsoft guns, exactly AK-47 and G36C. These guns are equipped with semi-automatic dispensers that conveniently supply the gun by ceramic-plastic pellets.

Participants are usually divided into 2 teams. All of you will be fully equipped and then we will explain the basic rules and let you familiarize with the terrain. After that, you can choose from several types of games: Team Death Match, Flag, Conquest, Cases, etc. The whole event takes about three hours including two net hours of playing time + breaks for refreshments.

For the arrangement of an Arisoft game is required at least the number of 10 players. When you are in less number, we can arrange a merge with another team or you can come to play as an individual. If you are in less number but no matter what you want to play in that number, you need to pay 15 EUR per each missing person up to the number of 10 players.

We recommend to bring along only sturdy shoes. Everything else, what can come to your mind, is already included in our equipment (mask, goggles, gloves, even camouflage coveralls).

You can always choose from the two kinds of fields. Outdoor arena in Vysočany with the area of 4,500 square meters or heated indoor arena on the Náměstí Bratší Synků.

We also regularly organize Open Games that are designed especially for individuals or small groups, regardless of the number of players. You can sign up as an individual or small group (less than 10 persons). The next opengame will be on 3.3. from 09:00 AM. And then every sunday from 9:00 AM.

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We also organize team-building events for either small or large companies. We provide services of any kind including catering of your choice. For more information or booking, please contact us.

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Outdoor PackGun + 100 ammo= 40 EUR
GoPro= 9 EUR
Indoor PackEntrance= 45 EUR
Army foodMRE= 5 EUR
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Our arenas

We have two different arenas, OUTDOOR Arena Vysočany and INDOOR Arena Synkáč.
Here is some basic info:

Outdoor arena


Kbelská street

Prague 9 - Vysočany


Underground B - Kolbenova

Tram 16 - Nový Hloubětín

Links to maps

on foot | by car

Indoor arena


Bělehradská 13

Prague 4 - Nusle


Underground C - I.P. Pavlova

Tram 11 - nám. Bratří Synků

Links to maps

on foot | by car

Billing information

Rozz, s.r.o.

Varnsdorfská 341/2

Prague 9

IČO: 24847160